Arts from Home

During Lockdown we are going to keep in touch with our groups and offer inspiration, motivation and participation!

The project 

The project aims to help people become artistically active whilst confined in their homes. To do so, we will identify themes for them to illustrate, outline materials they might want to use, and provide some  materials for them to use.

We will offer to post on Facebook, What’s App and our Website a selection of their work every week if they will send it to us electronically. And at the end of June – or later, if the restrictions have not been lifted – we will exhibit a selection of their work in Victoria Hall for public view.


  1. Colour  ~  It could be a rainbow, it could be the sky – just enjoy playing with your favourite colour or colours. And if it is a rainbow, then put it in your window to show support for the NHS and other key workers. (Wool wrapped shapes, letters made from cardboard, pom poms too so cardboard circles made into a garland, rainbow fabric bunting- felt making)
  1. Spring  ~  Flowers, blossom, birds (collage-coloured papers, magazines, fabric-applique)
  1. Food of the week  ~  When you’re kept indoors for a long time, food becomes very important. Draw or paint your favourite food or meal this week (pasta stuck down then painted, food labels and packaging to create a dish)
  1. Trees  ~  Do you have a favourite local tree? Please share it with everyone in paint, or collage, or knitting (various leaves painted then printed into a pattern or tree of life)
  1. People  ~  Portraits of others in your home, or a self-portrait (Collage using face pictures from magazines, old photographs, etc)
  1. Views  ~  The view from your window/s.(Felt or clay to make a 3D scene.

  2. Interiors  ~  A picture of the room you are in (Pointillism style using felt pens, pencil, pencil crayons, biro, etc)

  3. Maps and walking  ~  Your own illustrated map of your favourite walk in Glossop (take photographs of points of interest on your walk then draw, paint at home, take a pencil with your sketchbooks to draw, write notes, press flowers, leaves, etc)

  4. Music  ~  Listen to your favourite piece of music and see what abstract patterns it inspires, using the colours the music suggests to you (Using various size paintbrushes, sponge, tissue paper, rags, etc and different  coloured paint)

  5. May Day  ~   What does May Day mean to you? Dancing round a May pole? A hammer and sickle? What about a poem for May Day (Decorate a long stick/branch found on a walk with ribbons or wool, put on your favourite music and dance around it. Create a crown using card and glitter, sequins, jewels, etc.)  (Items to use could include buttons, ribbons, wool, tissue, wrapping paper, old cards, etc).

  6. A verse  ~  We each have a letter from a verse which we will decorate with wool ribbon colour or paint – to make up a ‘coming together’ display.

  7. The Five Ways to Wellbeing  ~   What this means to you!? What can you do to help your mental Health – share your ideas with us.